About Us & Our Storage Options

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Our facility started in 2004 with a few buildings and the realization the Mid-Michigan area was lacking a storage facility that was clean, secure and conveniently located.

The owners live in Midland and are highly involved in the business. They firmly believe in giving back to the community. Furthermore, Wheeler Road Self Storage has the friendliest staff to serve your storage needs.

Over the past decade, our facility has grown to almost 400 units, expanding the storage options we offer to Mid-Michigan to utilize.

Our Core Values

Security: First and for most; we make every effort to provide a secure place where tenants can trust their personal property is safe through providing video surveillance, recommending the usage of circular locks, and having a lit, fenced in facility. We are upgraded our gate system to an automatic gate system with code access. We take any security issue very seriously and diligently work to prevent security issues from surfacing in the first place.

Delivery Quality: Not every storage facility in Mid-Michigan provides the same quality storage options for their rent price. It's almost impossible to compare "apples" to "apples" when getting pricing. We deliver quality by constructing our facility out of steel through a highly known company in the business; unlike some of our competitors who constructed their facilities out of wood. We deliver quality by investing in securing our facility with exterior lights, fencing, and 24-hour video surveillance. We also provide quality by asphalting our facility to ensure cleanliness for our tenants, not having to worry about driving on a muddy drive and tracking into their unit. 

Innovation: We are committed to providing new storage options for our community as the demand arises. From offering taller and wider doors to accommodate trailers and bots, to creating our unique condo units where a business can utilize storage space their inventory or a tenant who like their RV or camper securely stored indoors. The owners are looking for ways to improve the complex. 

Our Facility & Storage Options

Our Facility: Our facility is lit, asphalted, fenced, under 24-hour video surveillance, and secure. Our buildings are constructed out of steel with a concrete floor. The asphalt throughout the facility has a drainage system ran throughout for ran and snow melt. The gate system is automatic with code access.

In addition, our faciliyt is conveniently located within minutes from the Dow Headquarters, near the on/off US-10 ramp, therefore; providing easy access to US-10 and Midland. It is also just a short commute form the City of Auburn and Larkin Township.

Normal Storage Units: These units range from 10'x10' to 12'x50' with a wide variety of sizes in between. The units have standard overhead garage door access. The standard garage door height is 7' high and 8'8" wide.

The most common sizes rented out are our 10'x10', 10'x15', 10'x20' and 12'x40'. To find the perfect size for you, see available storage units here.

Upgraded Units: These units have garage doors that are wider and higher to offer an array of storage options for trailers, boats, etc. The garage door height ranges from 8'9" to 9'10". The widths range form 8'10" to 11'. We also have a handful of 12'x40' drive through units.

Condos: These unique units are 18'x40' and are insulated. They have a 14 foot high overhead garage door to accommodate taller items such as campers, RV's, etc. Each unit is equipped with a service door for easy access and electricity access.